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4 days ago

When your anniversary cake that is gluten free is better than your wedding cake that wasn’t

Thank you again

1 month ago

OK Cookie Connection....we enjoyed the best cake I'd ever eaten which came from your bakery. That coconut cake made for my son in law's college graduation was spectacular! Just wanted you to know.

3 months ago

I have to say that the maple bacon donut was light and delicious and I ask that you put it on your forever list! :)
Thanks so much!!

4 months ago

We added some berries and cream to this delicious chocolate cake. Thank you for making such amazing gluten free treats!

6 months ago

Ok... the Blarney Stone Donut? Ridiculously Yummy!!! So so good! Reminded me of the ones I was still able to eat as a kid on Sunday’s. 🥰

6 months ago

Amazing. Recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and the bread is better than the normal breads I've had before getting diagnosed. Boston creme donut was great, half Moon cookies were great, the apple ... See more

6 months ago

Thank you Ladies for my badge. I am honored.

8 months ago

Our Gluten Free Christmas was made extra special by your INCREDIBLE gluten free Treats! I’m a Gluten Free Baker too, so I have to give credit where credit is due! Your GF Goodies are AMAZING! Love ... See more

8 months ago

Have to tell you - this place is amazing and what’s even more amazing is that my sister makes sure to bring them to me in Florida. Love the apple hand pie

10 months ago

Prayers and Love !!

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